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Hi now for the fun bit! My name is michael but you can call me mike. The roots of my life as a roleplaying gamer were founded way back in the seventies when I discovered science-fiction and fantasy books and magazines. My love of reading came from my grandparents I have memories of them always reading books. They were voracious readers reading several books a week. My memory of the first "adult" book that I read was the Once and Future King by TH White this is when I was 10 years old. I was thrown into a world of fantasy and science fiction that lived in my imagination. I was fond of many of the older books. of fantasy and science fiction, the Golden Age science-fiction and fantasy. Living in a small town in south Georgia, Dungeons & Dragons didn't make it there until it became more popular in the late 70s. A friend of mine introduced me to a D&D thru his older brother who was in college at the time and brought the game home My first game was right around September 1979. And i have played ever since. Currently i have experimented with several of the new or current games like Pathfinder, D&D fourth edition but they are mere shadows compared to first edition AD&D for unlocking the imagination and transporting the player to new and different worlds of fantasy. I currently run a first edition Dungeons & Dragons game in Morgantown West Virginia. Be seeing you


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