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I love all manner of tabletop RPGs: D&D 4e, Amber Diceless, Primetime Adventures, Dogs in the Vineyard, Spirit of the Century, Best Friends, the Shab-al-Hiri Roach, and many, many more.

Interested in trading D&D minis? I have completed 50 trades over on Hordelings, in addition to several trades I've completed through MaxMinis (as "Pjack"), the Wizards boards, and Miniature Trading. All my minis listed are in good condition, come from a smoke-free home, and have stat cards included.

I'm also looking for some solid-color card sleeves. I need black, purple, and medium green sleeves the most, but I could also use bronze, light blue, and dark green sleeves. I'd be willing to trade minis for them, or just do a swap for some of my sleeves. (I have a ton of amethyst sleeves, and some others.)


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