Basic Roleplaying

Edition: 1st

Publisher: Chaosium

SINCE ITS INCEPTION, the Basic Roleplaying system was viewed as an easier and more intuitive set of game mechanics than those few other roleplaying game systems existing at that time. Call of Cthulhu was one of the first horror roleplaying games, and perh


Call of Cthulhu 6th 35
Delta Green 1st 1
Homebrew 17
Spaceship Zero 1st -1
Stormbringer 5th 3


- Delta Green -
Setting: Delta Green GM: Orkglyph_tinyRob (morkalg)
Three Worlds Setting: Homebrew GM: Scraped_metal-ducky.160t_tinyBen (drducker)
GbgENG Group Setting: Call of Cthulhu GM: 7540_tinyphil (Expletius)
Shipwreck Setting: Homebrew GM: No_img_thumbTony (SaskDM)
Ardwyn Setting: Homebrew GM: No_img_thumbA.Corn (aycorn)
Spawn of Azathoth Setting: Call of Cthulhu GM: 10420284_839894056049599_6563654926391185888_n_tinyWes (Hexelis)
Hellgate 1765
Setting: Homebrew GM: No_img_thumbPatrick (angus858)