Recruiting for a Pathfinder Gladiator Games PBP (Player vs Player)

The doors are now open for Ironstone Arena's gladiator games. Are you worthy? Do you seek glory or just fight for the right of survival? Are you tough enough to climb your way through the ranks to become the arena champion?

Highlights of the games:

12 players at a time compete for ranks, experience and gear upgrades.

Some matches will be Player-vs-Player and others will be Player-vs-Monster.

All matches will be run at the same time.

Uses Pathfinder Core Rulebook and Advanced Player's Guide rules.

Only martial-based characters are permitted. (Antipaladin, Barbarian, Cavalier, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue)

Characters can be killed, so this campaign will support a perpetual player base of 12 characters. Characters on the waiting list will be slotted into gladiator positions when vacant postions are open (when a gladiator is killed).

This skirmish-based campaign will be hosted at:

This is my first time using Epic Words, but I like many of its features and hope it will be useful for this skirmish-based campaign.

Either reply to this post, or sign up on Epic Words (its free), create a character and send me a private post. Alternatively, I can be e-mailed at: (Regardless of how you contact me, I will need to get your e-mail address as that is what is required to invite your character into the campaign).

The first 12 to reply will proceed straight into the area... the rest will be waitlisted. (I don't suspect it will be too long until we start using characters on the waitlist :)

Characters and their status (accepted for arena / waitlisted / dead) will be located on the "Wiki" on the site.

My focus will be keeping the combats fresh, interesting and fun.
Hi.Im interested.But can my character Lycaon compete.He may be a bard but they also fought in war,but if not ill create another character.
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