New Gaming Group

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I just saw this new link and played with it but am unsure as to it's purpose.
Thanks for asking! We were just about to officially announce Gaming Groups. The purpose is to organize people you play games with outside a specific campaign. This is useful if you and your friends have multiple campaigns going on. It allows you to communicate and schedule sessions in a way that's not tied to a particular campaign. This is especially helpful if those campaigns don't have the same set of players.

For example:
In my group, there are a two campaigns going on. Most people play in both, but a couple only play in one or the other. When we want to schedule a game night using Epic Words calendars, we don't know which campaign to schedule it in until we know who is coming. We don't know who is coming until we schedule the game. This is a chicken and egg problem.
With a gaming group, we can schedule a game for the entire group. After we see who RSVPs, we can then move the session to either campaign (or just leave it in the gaming group)