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Case 06 - A Predator Imprisoned

Case of Bastet has been resolved by the group. Wrongfully accused by rival who was denied entrance to the party. Bastet seemed uninterested in reporting her, so offender was let go.

Group has also taken a quick task from party host -- Mr. Tobias. Details restricted by agreement, but focus on recovery of stolen item. Also suspect Tobias is involved in or in charge of local drug operation. K. seems fixated on handling this problem personally. Assuming group will continue this arrangement until we receive next mission. Will follow along cautiously and attempt to keep situation from getting out of hand.

As for the analysis of Bastet. She seems a very strait forward sort. A very capable fighter. Was not able to assess her investigative skills -- suspect apprehension of strangers or perhaps side effect of drug may have tapered her to some degree. Regardless, am of the opinion she would make a satisfactory addition to group. It seems Z. and yourself are in agreement. Will further assess on future cases.

Also worth note -- ran into a weird situation with Bastet and G. Encountered a wild boar with strange appearance. Extremely hostile. Team was able to subdue creature -- which seemingly "melted" into dark goo. Coincided with very ugly storm. Bad omen... or perhaps something we've stumbled upon? Possible complication. Will keep eyes peeled.

  • 1GP 1SP - Bail for persons of interests (including Bastet)
  • 7SP - Food
  • 1GP - Misc Expenses
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Posted by the GM
Per Multiversum
Chapter 3 — Maru
Molly Sara went up to Maru to give him his platinum coin and his kiss. She puckered her lips and leaned forward, lifting her head up to him, but he gently refused, "No, no, my lady. You know how it is." He held, instead, his hand out to her, and she kissed that instead, then set the coin into it.

   "Same answer every tenday!" said Molly Sara.

   Kytharrah also came up to Maru and patted him on the shoulder. "Play?"

   "Another time, young oni. I go to drink water now."

   The group broke up and the majority of the patrons said their farewells to their friends and headed to their homes. Maru returned to his stool and put his kimono back on. Jayce went back to the table, followed now by one of the young nobles, who had taken a liking to him. Nargroth, who usually loved beer and would stay in any tavern until kicked out, strangely left to return to the Frihet.

   "Wait! Nargroth! Let me walk with you," said Oma, and she left the tavern as well.

   Solisar and Hakam went to one of the available rooms for the night, but the rest joined Jayce at the table. Rustreene appeared and asked if they wanted more drinks.

   Szordrin ordered another drink but then excused himself, supposedly to go out back to visit the privy. In reality, he used the opportunity to prepare his regular magic that allowed him to read thoughts. When he returned back inside, he approached some of the other guests and said, "Excuse me, but I am from out of town; could you tell me more about the queen mother?"

   "She should re-marry. It has been long enough, and she owes Cormyr a real king." Such was the gossip that he heard from those at the other tables, both spoken and unspoken. Some of the surface thoughts were about the strangeness of Szordrin's eyes. "His eyes are like a cats — the Nine! Well, I suppose it would be worse if he had dog eyes. Ha ha ha!"

   "Is the queen a powerful wizard herself?" Szordrin asked.

   She was not; she relied on her War Wizards for protection. He also learned that she was an older woman, once with blonde hair, who still showed most of her beauty. Some said that she had not married the former king out of love, but most agreed that she and her husband had had a cordial relationship and seemed to be fast friends. He learned other gossip such as that, but nothing that was particularly useful toward their quest.

   "Well," said Jayce, as Szordrin sat down with his companions and Rustreene brought out their drinks, "I was going to go visit a festhall tonight with some of the boys from our ship, but that was better entertainment than I could have imagined. I do not need anything else; I am content for the night."

   "What is a festhall?" asked Sofi.

   "A place for people to be festive, of course" said Jayce.

   "It is a brothel," whispered the young noble who had joined them.

   "That is horrible," said Sofi.

   "They are not all simply brothels!" Jayce insisted.

   "Festhalls are dishonorable dens for friends of yakuza," said a quiet, gentle, calming voice behind them. It was Maru, now clothed again. "The horned spirit lady speaks true."

   Maru then glanced around. "Did the half-oni young warrior leave? He fought honorably."

   "He retired for the night," said Jayce.

   "May I join your table? I would be honored to drink with the hairy horned oni who also fought alongside me." He looked at Kytharrah when he said this.

   "Of course," said Sofi, and Kytharrah nodded.

   Szordrin tried to read the man's mind but felt resistance. Maru glanced around looking nervous, so Szordrin ceased trying. Then the large man sat down, the chair creaking under his weight.

   At this point, Belvin and Leokas also entered the tavern and joined them, now that most of the crowd had gone home. They ordered some Suzale but remained quiet while the others chatted. Maru also was silent until finally Jayce addressed him directly and asked his name, though of course, every one knew what it was by this time.

   "I call myself Maru," he said, "but it is not my true name. My true name is no longer spoken, because I am a warrior without honor."

   Sofi asked, "How does one lose his honor? Am I allowed to ask? I do not wish to be rude."

   "I am ronin," said the large man. "I was once a samurai of my clan, but my master tried to take a peasant's daughter by force, and I took his head from his body. For this, I am shamed."

   "Bar that!" Sofi protested. "You saved an innocent; how is that dishonorable?"

   "Because of the chaos and disorder in the world, sometimes the honorable and good things to do are not the same."

   "Why did Hakam go to bed?" asked Jayce. "He would like this guy!"

   "It is not that way, however, in the Celestial Empire," continued Maru, with real sadness in his voice, "yet that is not yet where I live."

   Maru then asked the ones at the table where they were from and why they were in Cormyr.

   "I am Szordrin Dundragon," said the tiefling wizard when it was his turn to speak. "I am on an honorable quest for vengeance against my master and teacher's murderer."

   "Wakaramas," said Maru with a somber nod.

   "I am from a city in middle of the multiverse," said Sofi, as if this were a common, everyday thing, "yet I have never heard of this Celestial Empire."

   "It is the Bureaucracy of the Spirit World, the world that is nowhere and yet everywhere in Wa."

   "Oh, you are from Wa then?" said Jayce. "Tymora's smile, that is where many of us are heading next! We would be happy to learn what you can tell us about it."

   Through conversation mostly guided by Jayce and Sofi, they learned the following: Maru was from a small town named Benoka between Rukimbaru, the emperor's city, and Uwaji, the capital of the shogunate, on Tawata Road along the Akano River on the east coast. When he became a ronin, he moved to the west coast, to Jasuga, where he became a wrestler in Kowa Arena and took his new name. He left Wa on a Shou trading vessel after a competition in Semmishi, back on the east coast, where a person in the crowd recognized him somehow and called down curses on him for betraying the bushido code. Shamed, he left the country and came to Cormyr via Shou Lung and the Golden Way. This was three years ago. He had decided to continue heading west on foot until he could walk no further, as penance for his "crime", but when he came to Suzail, he was visited by a stray cat that reminded him of a childhood cat he once kept named Foo. He called the new cat Foo Two.

   "I see that Foo Two has made a new friend," he said, motioning to the bar where his cat was drinking from Milo's bowl of milk. Panther, Oma's cat, was sharing the same bowl. Kytharrah, bored with the conversation and not strongly affected by human-doses of alcohol, went over to pat the cats, and soon he had all of them purring.

   "We have come upon evidence suggesting that one of the past emperors of your nation was a rakshasa, a fiend, in disguise," said Szordrin. "Thankfully, he was removed from power and replaced with a true emperor. Is this a commonly known tale among your people?"

   "Sugoi!" exclaimed Maru. "No, it is not. The line of emperors is said to descend from the first emperor Goshukara, who holds the Moonlight Arrow, a gift of the gods themselves. I cannot believe that the Celestial Bureaucracy would permit such an imposter to live."

   Sofi began querying Maru about the Celestial Bureaucracy and the Spirit World. Jayce was not sober enough to ask further thoughtful questions, and the elves remained silent and observed.

   When Milo announced the final call, Maru called to Kytharrah and said, "I promised that I would play with you, young hairy oni. An arm wrestle?"

   Kytharrah was delighted. With his larger size, the minotaur defeated the large human twice in a row, though the former samurai indeed had good technique, and the matches were close.

   "Did you ever perform for the nobility as a Jasuga wrestler?" asked Szordrin.

   "The Jasuga style is only recently growing in popularity in my nation," Maru explained. "Jasuga is a city on the west coast of the main island of Tsukishima, just north of the Fochu Peninsula. The citizens of the east coast, where Rukimbaru and Uwaji are, see the people of the west coast as backward and show them little respect. The people of Jasuga hope that their sport will take root in the eastern cities soon, but this has not yet happened. Neither the emperor nor the shogun have shown any interest in the sport. The last city where I performed, Semmishi, where my shame was exposed to all, was an east-coast city. That had been a demonstration match. I do not know if the sport has spread more since I have left Wa behind."

   "Are non-humans permitted to compete in this form of wrestling?" asked Szordrin.

   "The Spirit World thrives with non-human creatures," said Maru, "but the Spirit of Wa gave his islands to man."

   "Are there no elves in Wa?" asked Belvin.

   Maru seemed confused by the question. "Perhaps there are elves living in the Spirit World, but my eyes do not see into that place. Those spirits who leave their world and enter man's are most often dishonorable, such as oni." He looked at Sofi as he spoke. "I mean no offense to you, young spirit maiden. I have learned since coming to Faerûn that it is different here, that not all spirits are constrained to the Spirit World, that an oni in Faerûn may in fact be good. Indeed, the Spirit World does not seem present here at all, except for in the lands of Thay and Rashemen perhaps."

   "We have fought and slain evil oni in our travels," added Leokas, referring to their battle at the ice devil's fortress on the Great Glacier.

   "My friend," said Jayce to Maru, "Sofi here is not a spirit at all; she is made of flesh, but you keep calling her a spirit maiden."

   "Why can a spirit not have flesh and blood?" asked Maru.

   Milo now announced that it was closing time. The two bar wenches cleared the tables, and everyone found a room on the first or second floor of the adjacent building and passed the rest of the night.
Session: 122nd Game Session - Monday, Oct 12 2020 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Vindication and Drugs
Mr Iverson,

Our mission was a success. The team was able to exculpate Bastet Ra of the prostitution charge through some very impressive investigative work. I was instrumental in opening a seemingly immovable entryway into the barracks to bail out Bastet Ra.

The investigation led us to Cackle’s residence. Whilst Kit and Bastet approached the homestead, the remainder of the team waited by the street. Sometime after they entered the house, I heard someone approach our position with what looked like a weapon. I didn’t have enough time to brandish my axe so, instead, I grabbed the assailant’s mace mid-swing by the handle and hindered the attack upon Jaxson.

Later, we arrive at Tobias’ estate. Kit, Jaxson and I were hired to find a stolen artefact that has been in his family’s possession for one thousand years. In actuality, the team is using this opportunity to investigate Tobias’ drug operation. It is believed he is using his fruit trade business to distribute drugs and the artefact was stolen due to a feud.

I have been very impressed with Bastet Ra. Whilst at a bar, I noticed the waitress pickpocket Crackle and Bastet was quicker than I to call out the thief. She is not afraid of confrontation and was willing to defend someone she just met. She was also able to hold her own during an attack. We were ambushed by boars. I was able to defeat one and Bastet killed another. Those were strange creatures. They dissipated into a dark mist without a trace.
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Jaxson Reporting
Hello Mr. Iverson sir,

This is Jaxson reporting on the latest assignment. I want to thank you again for this opportunity to work with such talented investigators as Crackle, Kit and Greyrock.

Regarding the investigation, we have successfully cleared Bastet Ra's name. Using the resources of the guard and local witnesses, we found that a rival of Bastet's by the name of Anaoki, made a false anonymous report to have her arrested. At the time of the arrest, Bastet had been unknowingly drugged and could not contest any of the charges. We spoke with Anaoki and convinced her to drop all charges.

We are still investigating the drugging. We have a strong lead with a seer who had performed at the party with Bastet by the name of Cackli. We believe she may have been involved in more nefarious dealings that happened that night. There was a theft of a very valuable figurine at the manor the party was held at. This figurine was said to predate the Great War. There are a lot of possibilities we are pursuing at this time, but we have no hard evidence. We are going to keep our nose to the grindstone and see if we can find the thief as well as possibly take down a local drug ring.

I have a meeting later this evening with a city guard to strengthen our position in the city, so if we break this case, we will have local support. I will keep you posted on any new findings.
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So you were a prostitute, huh?
Mr. Iverson,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for sending your team to clear my name. I am very grateful for this. I’m not completely sure why you have decided that I would be a good fit with this group, but I am grateful that you have. These seem like good people who are trying to help make the world a little better place. I must admit that I am very new to the idea of helping solve crimes or misdeeds, however, I do promise to do my best. I helped with my own case some simply by providing muscle when it was called for. I am not very good with people and I do keep to myself mostly, but I will try my very best to do what is asked and needed while in your employment. I have been told that this token is meant to convey messages only to you and that they are confidential, so I feel comfortable sharing with you that I have been trying to find someone on my own that is a very dangerous person. I will place this quest aside for the time being so as not to endanger any of my new companions, but I thought it necessary to inform you in the event that something does come up that may be associated with the limited progress I have made over the last few years with that. I was able to accompany Kit to one questioning of a witness and I believe I picked up some helpful things from watching her, so I will try to be more helpful moving forward. As for now, I promise to do my very best to keep everyone safe, fighting is a skill I am very confident in. Please do let me know if there is anything you specifically need from me. Until next time, thank you again and please be well.

Bastet Ra
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