The future requires new specialists
With the development of green energy, business has new demands on the labor market. As Mind found out, none of the higher educational institutions in Ukraine is yet preparing narrow industry specialists, only a request is being formed. Renewable energy topics are included in the curriculum.

Mind turned to the employees of DTEK, which is one of the leading companies in the development of green power plants, with the question: what knowledge and qualities do new specialists in the field of renewable sources need? Through joint efforts, several directions were identified.

With the increase in the number of "green" stations, there is a need for specialists in forecasting electricity generation by RES facilities (wind and sun) in one person - a meteorologist and a power engineer with knowledge of mathematics.

When servicing wind power plants (WPP), it is necessary to have specialists in the electrical part of the wind turbine, and in the communication, and in the hydraulic, and in the mechanical. That is, we need universal electromechanics with knowledge that has not yet been in demand in traditional power engineering.

In addition, an efficient modern wind farm is difficult to imagine without people with knowledge of aerodynamics. So, the range of professions at "green" energy facilities is expanding, new ones appear on the verge of traditional professions: electrical engineers of wind power plants or specialists in analyzing the efficiency of wind turbine facilities.
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