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Example Campaign
Campaign Journal
Here is an example Campaign Journal. This is a place for players and the GM to post in character about recent events in your campaign.

This is especially valuable for maintaining continuity in long running stories or when your gaming group doesn't meet quite as frequently as you'd like. If at least one person posts a summary after each session, then players can come back here before the next session to get back up to speed on the plot and recent events in your campaign. You won't have to spend the first half hour of your game getting players up to speed.

Also note, that reference terms found in your post will automatically be linked to the reference section of the campaign. Hovering over these links with the mouse will give you a handy summary of that term. The is especially useful for referencing NPCs, locations, legends and other bits of information that your characters learn as they explore the campaign world.

Any time a character is mentioned in the journal, a link to his/her character page is automatically added as well. In this example, whenever I mention Augue, Dapibus, Vehicula or Pharetro, their names are linked to their individual character detail page.

Often, game masters use published modules or adventures in their games. Because others may use the same materials in their own campaigns, you can use the spoiler button to hide important plot points, surprise endings, and key information from people who read this campaign's journal. Readers can still open the spoiler and read it if they want, but they have been warned!
For example:

If you really want to hide content, use the permissions setting at the bottom of the post entry form. It is labeled " Viewable by:". This allows you select who can see the post you create. You will always be able to see posts you create yourself, but you can allow the GM, the GM and players, the GM and players and your (and GM's) friends, or the whole world to see your journal posts.
NOTE: The game master may set the default level of permissions on the campaign's "edit" page.
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