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Vindication and Drugs
Mr Iverson,

Our mission was a success. The team was able to exculpate Bastet Ra of the prostitution charge through some very impressive investigative work. I was instrumental in opening a seemingly immovable entryway into the barracks to bail out Bastet Ra.

The investigation led us to Cackle’s residence. Whilst Kit and Bastet approached the homestead, the remainder of the team waited by the street. Sometime after they entered the house, I heard someone approach our position with what looked like a weapon. I didn’t have enough time to brandish my axe so, instead, I grabbed the assailant’s mace mid-swing by the handle and hindered the attack upon Jaxson.

Later, we arrive at Tobias’ estate. Kit, Jaxson and I were hired to find a stolen artefact that has been in his family’s possession for one thousand years. In actuality, the team is using this opportunity to investigate Tobias’ drug operation. It is believed he is using his fruit trade business to distribute drugs and the artefact was stolen due to a feud.

I have been very impressed with Bastet Ra. Whilst at a bar, I noticed the waitress pickpocket Crackle and Bastet was quicker than I to call out the thief. She is not afraid of confrontation and was willing to defend someone she just met. She was also able to hold her own during an attack. We were ambushed by boars. I was able to defeat one and Bastet killed another. Those were strange creatures. They dissipated into a dark mist without a trace.
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Jaxson Reporting
Hello Mr. Iverson sir,

This is Jaxson reporting on the latest assignment. I want to thank you again for this opportunity to work with such talented investigators as Crackle, Kit and Greyrock.

Regarding the investigation, we have successfully cleared Bastet Ra's name. Using the resources of the guard and local witnesses, we found that a rival of Bastet's by the name of Anaoki, made a false anonymous report to have her arrested. At the time of the arrest, Bastet had been unknowingly drugged and could not contest any of the charges. We spoke with Anaoki and convinced her to drop all charges.

We are still investigating the drugging. We have a strong lead with a seer who had performed at the party with Bastet by the name of Cackli. We believe she may have been involved in more nefarious dealings that happened that night. There was a theft of a very valuable figurine at the manor the party was held at. This figurine was said to predate the Great War. There are a lot of possibilities we are pursuing at this time, but we have no hard evidence. We are going to keep our nose to the grindstone and see if we can find the thief as well as possibly take down a local drug ring.

I have a meeting later this evening with a city guard to strengthen our position in the city, so if we break this case, we will have local support. I will keep you posted on any new findings.
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So you were a prostitute, huh?
Mr. Iverson,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for sending your team to clear my name. I am very grateful for this. I’m not completely sure why you have decided that I would be a good fit with this group, but I am grateful that you have. These seem like good people who are trying to help make the world a little better place. I must admit that I am very new to the idea of helping solve crimes or misdeeds, however, I do promise to do my best. I helped with my own case some simply by providing muscle when it was called for. I am not very good with people and I do keep to myself mostly, but I will try my very best to do what is asked and needed while in your employment. I have been told that this token is meant to convey messages only to you and that they are confidential, so I feel comfortable sharing with you that I have been trying to find someone on my own that is a very dangerous person. I will place this quest aside for the time being so as not to endanger any of my new companions, but I thought it necessary to inform you in the event that something does come up that may be associated with the limited progress I have made over the last few years with that. I was able to accompany Kit to one questioning of a witness and I believe I picked up some helpful things from watching her, so I will try to be more helpful moving forward. As for now, I promise to do my very best to keep everyone safe, fighting is a skill I am very confident in. Please do let me know if there is anything you specifically need from me. Until next time, thank you again and please be well.

Bastet Ra
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Finding New Friends in Aynbury
Mr. Ivy. I hope you’re well.

We were able to clear Bastet Raw’s name. To give you a quick summation, an enemy of hers lied about her to get her into trouble. We convinced this woman to withdraw the charges.

In other news. We are going to bust a drug kingpin in Aynbury. His name is Dimede Tobias. HE is a nobleman in the city. He has hired us to recover an artifact that allegedly is pre great war. So while using that as a front, I found evidence that he is using his fruit trade to smuggle drugs.

I believe that a man named Dimitrio is behind the theft of the artifact. I believe that there was some feud between Tobias and Dimitrio, and he hired a performer to steal the artifact from his house. Jaxson is supposed to gather some information on who we can turn this evidence into.

I hope to be able to wrap all of this up in another day or so.
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Crazy birds are people too
I had a strange dream...I was barely treading water in the ocean, it was horrible, and I only had two options, a boat or an island. Naturally, I chose the boat, hoping that it would be able to get me back to the mainland.

When I woke up, I found Kit sleeping by the fire, I didn't see anyone else and we were getting very close to time to leave for my appointment, so she and I just went alone.

When we got to the barracks, Cecily greeted us, he's so nice, but so blah about everything, it's very odd. He took me back to speak with Meirta. She told me that she saw Raul stab Alea on the beach. She said that they were arguing, but she couldn't hear what they were arguing about. I have to say, I believe her. I hope I'm not wrong about her, but I really don't think she did anything wrong with this. Before I left I asked her if I could deliver a message to Vias and she simply said to tell him to hang in there.

After we left, we went to breakfast and we decided we should go talk to Ana. We think someone overheard me telling Kit everything that Meirta said, so we'll see how that goes I suppose. When we get to Ana's, we find out he's at lunch, so we go back to the tavern.

When we find him at the tavern, it seems as though people are listening, so we tell him we will meet him at his station after lunch. On our way out, we see Exra and T'axis having lunch with Mr. Kluckles. Apparently they had been shopping for a new bowtie or him. He seemed upset with Ezra. When we left, Kit walked T'axis back to camp and Ezra and I continued to Ana's.

After Ana came back, ezra told us the full story of what happened at the docks. Poor guy, he's had a rough week. Then, out of nowhere, a giant crane attacked me, We all tried defending from it, but Ana ultimately accidentally killed it and apparently it told Ezra that someone took it's eggs. So now I really want find those eggs and save them from the stupid people that took them.

After all of this was over, Kit told us that she thinks the best solution is to force them to cancel the show and the prospect of losing the money will make the city take a closer look at the case and free Meirta. we convince 4 of them to threaten to walk if they don't free Meirta. Everyone seems apprehensive about the whole thing, but maybe it will work. I really just wish we could get a confession out of Raul. That would be the easiest way to put this to rest. Though, I'm almost certain they would somehow just say Meirta was in on it with her or something.
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