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The Old Empires are at war. The newly crowned boy pharoah of Mulhorand, Horustep III, has mounted an unexpected invasion, conquering the whole of southern Unther. However, despite this glorious victory, his poorly equipped forces are spread dangerously thin. The dwarven kindgom of Ostohar pledges support from the west and joins the conflict against the ailing Untheric nation.

With growing desperation, Untheric Emperor Gilgeam hires waves of mercenaries to scour the lands for ancient artifacts that might save him from utter destruction. One of his key agents, the Zhentarim, have launched an expedition into the Black Ash Plain in an attempt to recover the fabled Cyrilia, an ancient alien being said to have the power to "neutralize armies."

To the west, Tchazzar's temples throughout Chessenta are suddenly alive with fanaticism and are aggressively recruiting new followers. The priests proclaim that the once magnificent "Red Dragon" has reawakened and is summoning faithful acolytes to his side at the Great Temple in Cimbar to reinstate his military glory.

And, in the midst of all this, the diabolical Demon Lord Malebranche the Death Bringer has been freed from the Shadowhold. Already, the peaceful hamlet of Willow Glen is overrun by his devil spawn. The days grow ever shorter and the land will soon succumb to the Long Night.

Only a ragtag band of misfits-turned-heroes knows the secret to defeating the evil threat and doing so will test their resolve.

Deep in the lost city of Xak Tsaroth lies an unconfirmed promise of salvation in the form of the legendary Heart of Dragonkind. Will this myth prove fact? Can the stone be used to defeat Malebranche? Can it be used to unify the Old Empires once and for all?

Four great powers clash for control of the greatest empires ever to grace the surface of Toril. The Gods themselves watch with anticipation as the campaign of Unification unfolds!

"Where is that key?!"

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Given the difficulties we have been having with Epicwords, I have endeavored to create a new website for the Unification Campaign.

Please go to

It's hard to read. The site is G Q

My security certificate should be issued in the next day or so. But, until then, you should have no trouble with security. So go ahead and register for the forums.

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Umberlee's Wayward Province
This broad hallway turns abruptly and ends at an open archway. A mighty wall of falling water blocks passage immediately beyond the opening. The floor before you is wet from the mist and spray emanating from the doorway. To the right of the aperture, carved into the west wall, is some sort of inscription.

Below the inscription is a nook carved directly into the wall. The interior of the nook is artistically sculpted to resemble a square diorama that spans about 3’ in height. In the upper left of the scene is a miniature cliff being soaked by a heavy rainstorm. The cliff overlooks an 8” diameter basin carved to resemble a natural lake that drains into a hole at its bottom. The overall effect is to provide a dioramic scene that features an actual stream of water that flows left to right – first from the rain, then over the model’s cliff in the form of a water fall, then down into the stone basin. The scene is rather majestic.

The message is skillfully written in an ancient form of elvish. Translated to Common it says, “Restore Umberlee’s wayward province and gain favor.”

[Please PM me with your vote for the Happy Fun Weekly XP Award.]
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Have we eaten yet?
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